Wednesday, December 21

New Year's Resolutions

I do it to myself every year -- I resolve the same things over and over  (lose weight, get organized, etc.) and I start off with a bang...and then it's January 2nd and it's all gone out the window.  So, since there's a lot I plan to do with 2012, I'm going to try resolutions in a new way.  Month by month.  And the resolutions will be reasonable, attainable, things that I can truly accomplish, but not so simple that they won't really require me to change much.  Tonight (this morning), I begin with January.

In the month of January 2012, I resolve to:

  1. Work out 2-3 times a week.  Going to the gym and sitting by the pool for Little Red's swim lessons do not count -- that's why the resolution is to work out, not just go to the gym.  (See how well I know myself??)  
  2. Eat out/bring in dinner only 1 weeknight each week.  Dinner should consist of a protein, starch, and a vegetable.  I may throw a dessert in there every so often, too!!  (i.e., Spaghetti is fine, but tomato sauce isn't a vegetable -- no matter what Congress may say!)
  3. Finish my recipe box project.  (which also means I have to go through all of those magazines I've collected and gets me towards a major life goal of eliminating clutter!)
Okay, I don't want to  bite off more than I can chew and although that doesn't seem like a lot, it is.  But, they're commitments I want and need to make for myself and my family.  And, haven't I heard somewhere that it takes 3-4 weeks to create a new habit?  So, hopefully, by February, these resolutions will be changes in my lifestyle.

One can only hope.....